Figure 3.

Androgen-sensitive LNCaP xenograft prostate tumor growth in nude mice following intratumoral injection of RSV. Tumors were produced by subcutaneous injections of LNCaP cells at sites below the ear. (a) Tumor growth kinetics in mice. Intratumoral injections were given at 2 days apart. Tumor volume of each mouse was normalized against its tumor volume at day 1 (starting point) set as 100%. Tumor volumes (normalized) measured on each injection day are shown in the plot. Each treatment group consisted of four representative animals (n = 4) and data represent normalized mean tumor volume trajectories over time. Error bars represent the SE of the mean at each time point. (b) Progressively regressed tumor mass after intratumoral injection of RSV. Tumor growth corresponding to injections of RSV or Medium was followed. Day 1 represents the initial injection of RSV or Medium. The Inserts display corresponding tumors extracted at day-22 before sacrifice.

Echchgadda et al. BMC Cancer 2011 11:43   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-11-43
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