Figure 5.

Dominant negative inhibitor. A. Induction of NFκB in 4H10 cells with expression of dnIκB (-DOX) or without dnIκB (+DOX) by 15 ng/mL TNFα for 30 min. nuc = nuclear fraction, cyto = cytoplasmic fraction. B. Mean tumor growth with and without dnIκB: Tumor volumes measured in athymic mice beginning at 21 days after xenograft 4H10 cell implantation and ending at day 37. C: Xenograft tumors were removed from animals and measured in 3 dimensions. Volumes were calculated using 4/3 π ABC, the volume of an ellipsoid, where A = length, B = width, C = breadth. No DOX represents animals not given doxycycline, therefore expression of dnIκB was permitted, blocking NFκB activation. D. Western of total tissue lysates from 4H10 (dnIκB) tumors removed from xenograft animals. Three tumors from animals with a normal diet (No DOX) are compared to three tumors from animals receiving DOX, which shuts off expression of dnIκB.

Spiller et al. BMC Cancer 2011 11:136   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-11-136
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