Figure 3.

Activated macrophage-like cells' medium inhibits G1-S transition and enhances migration in CNE-2 single clone cells. (A) Cell cycle distribution of CNE-2 single clone cells after cultivation for 24 hours. (B) Percentage of G1, S and G2-M phases in CNE-2 single clone cells. Values are means ± SD (n = 3). * P < 0.01 vs control. (C) The migration of the CNE-2 single clone cells is enhanced by conditioned culture for 18 h in a transwell apparatus. Images shown are representative of three independent experiments. Nuclei were labeled with DAPI (blue), original magnification ×200. (D) Migration level is shown by quantified the migrated cells in 10 random fields per filter. Values are means ± SD (n = 3). *** P < 0.001 vs control.

Cao et al. BMC Cancer 2010 10:68   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-10-68
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