Figure 1.

Iripallidal decreases viability and induces apoptosis of glioma cells. (a) Viability of Iripallidal treated glioma cells was determined by MTS assay. The graph represents the percentage viable cells of control observed when A172, LN229, T98G and U87MG cells were treated with 10 and 20μM concentration of Iripallidal for 24 hours. * Significant decrease from control (P < 0.05). (b) Increase in caspase-3 activity in Iripallidal treated A172, LN229, T98G and U87MG cells as determined by the Caspase-3 activity. * Significant increase from control (P < 0.05). (c) Treatment with Iripallidal increases cleaved PARP expression in glioma cells. Western blot analysis was performed to determine the expression of cleaved and native PARP in Iripallidal treated glioma cells. A representative blot is shown from three independent experiments with identical results. Blots were reprobed for β actin to establish equivalent loading. C and I denote Control and Iripallidal, respectively.

Koul et al. BMC Cancer 2010 10:328   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-10-328
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