Figure 7.

Prussian blue staining and evaluation of apoptosis of tissues after the in vivo experiment. Green fluorescence indicates apoptosis positive and blue is DAPI counterstaining (E-G). A-C: IV MNP + AMF in tumor, lung, and liver, respectively. D: Intratumoral MNP, tumor section. E-G: Apoptosis assay pictures. E: Control tumor section. F: Tumor section with intravenous MNP administration followed by AMF. G: Tumor section with intratumoral MNP administration followed by AMF. (Scale bar = 100 μm) Additional file 1 Title: Tumor volume measurements on day14 and 18 of intravenously administered MNPs and AMF exposure experiment. Description: Day 14 and 18 tumor volumes of individual groups are compared. (not significant)

Balivada et al. BMC Cancer 2010 10:119   doi:10.1186/1471-2407-10-119
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