Table 1

Main topics of the interview guide
1 Tell me about your experience of labor and delivery. How was it? Was it as you imagined? Was it different?
2 During labor, before you received anesthesia, was there something that helped you when you had contractions?/When you felt pain? If the answer is yes: What helped you? Can you tell more about it. Can you give some examples and explain them.
3 In your opinion were you in control during labor or not? (Control of pain, control of the contractions, of control of fear). Why?
4 What positions did you adopt during labor? Explain each one of them and tell me why you adopted those positions and about your experience with the adopted positions.
5 What is your opinion on the attitudes of the staff of the maternity ward. Were they helpful or not? Why?
6 Are you satisfied or not with your birthing experience? Why?

Miquelutti et al.

Miquelutti et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2013 13:171   doi:10.1186/1471-2393-13-171

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