Table 2

Recruitment- and outcome variables
Outcome measure Measurement Recruitment Baseline Post-treatment
Primary outcome measure
   (i)ADL task performance Standardized scale evaluating task steps X X
Secondary outcome measure
   Goal attainment Goal attainment scale X X
Neuropsychological assessment
   Executive functioning Brixton spatial anticipation test X X
Category fluency test X X
Go/No-go task, subtest TAP X X
Letter fluency test X X
Letter number sequencing, subtest WAIS III X X
Modified six elements test X X
Zoo map test, subtest BADS X X
   Memory Rivermead behavioural memory test-third edition X X
   Attention & Concentration Alertness task, subtest TAP X X
   Estimation IQ National adult reading test (Dutch version) X X
   Subjective cognitive functioning CFQ (Cognitive failures questionnaire) X X
   Dysexecutive behaviour DEX (Dysexecutive questionnaire) X X
   Self-reported executive functioning EFI-NL (Executive function index) X X
   Observed executive functioning EOS (Executive observation scale) X X
   Quality of life RAND 36-item short form health survey X X

Bertens et al.

Bertens et al. BMC Neurology 2013 13:64   doi:10.1186/1471-2377-13-64

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