Table 3

The top 10 MRI features (left column) and demographic, genetic, and cognitive measurements (right column) identified by sparse logistic regression with stability selection are ordered in decreasing order of stability scores
MRI Demographic, genetic, and cognitive
Volume (WM Parcellation) of Left Hippocampus FAQ: Activities of Daily Living
Volume (Cortical Parcellation) of Left Entorhinal APOE genotyping
Surface Area of Left Rostral Anterior Cingulate LDEL: Logical Memory delayed
Volume (Cortical Parcellation) of Right Inferior Parietal ADAS-cog subscore 4
Cortical Thickness Average of Left Isthmus Cingulate ADAS-cog subscore 1
Volume (Cortical Parcellation) of Left Cuneus ADAS-cog subscore 7
Volume (WM Parcellation) of Right Amygdala ADAS-cog subscore 5
Cortical Thickness Average of Right Entorhinal TRAA: Trail Making Test: Part A
Volume (WM Parcellation) of Left Amygdala ADAS-cog subscore 10
Cortical Thickness Average of Left ParsOrbitalis Years of Education

WM indicates White Matter.

Ye et al.

Ye et al. BMC Neurology 2012 12:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2377-12-46

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