Table 1

Eligibility criteria
Inclusion criteria
1 A history of Poliomyelitis affecting at least one lower limb, confirmed by the Neurologist
2 Capable of walking for 6 minutes, with or without an aid/appliance
3 Good upper limb strength, confirmed objectively using maximum voluntary isometric contraction, 7 out of 10 tested upper limb movements must lie above the 5th percentile of the normal range
4 Completion of the PAR-Med-X assessment and cleared by a medical practitioner as safe for exercise
5 Males/Females aged 18-75 years
Exclusion Criteria
1 Unstable cardiac or respiratory conditions, including oxygen dependence
2 Uncontrolled hypertension
3 Significant upper limb pain. Greater than 4/10 on a Visual Analogue Scale or more than 3 specific sites of pain in the upper limbs, neck or upper back
4 Severe fatigue (greater than five on the Fatigue Severity Scale)
5 Recent onset of upper limb weakness or severe upper limb weakness
6 Steroid use in last 3 months
7 Pregnancy

Murray et al.

Murray et al. BMC Neurology 2012 12:157   doi:10.1186/1471-2377-12-157

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