Figure 1.

Scatter plot showing distribution of plasma sVCAM-1 levels of enrolled individuals according to with or without hypertension (HT), and with or without gross hematuria history (GH), respectively.a. Both group of IgAN patients, with or without hypertension, presented with higher plasma sVCAM-1 levels than healthy controls (without hypertension Vs healthy controls: 690.17±249.75 ng/ml Vs 520.23±137.51 ng/ml, p<0.01; with hypertension Vs healthy controls: 786.40±339.43 ng/ml Vs 520.23±137.51 ng/ml, p<0.01). IgAN patients with hypertension had significantly elevated plasma sVCAM-1 levels than those without (786.40±339.43 ng/ml Vs 690.17±249.75 ng/ml, p<0.01).b. Plasma levels of sVCAM-1 showed no difference between IgAN patients with or without gross hematuria history.

Zhu et al. BMC Nephrology 2013 14:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2369-14-21
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