Table 1

Schedule of participant investigations and visits
Visit window (Days) 0 to28 28 28 to 42 42 up to 70 108 to 128 198 to 218 288 to 308 378 to 398 +7 up to +21
Visit name BA/BR T0 T1-T8 F3 F6 F9 F12/F12R E1-E4
Study phase Baseline assessment and results Randomization Titration (weekly) Follow-up (3 monthly) End (weekly)
Randomization X
History X X X
Physical examination X X
Non-interventional Titration X
Dialysate [Na+] Titration X
3day food diary X X X
Inter-dialytic urine for Na+ excretion X X X
Cardiac MRI X X
ECF volume X X X X X
BP (intra-dialytic) X X X X X X X
Ambulatory BP (inter-dialytic) X X
Home BP (inter-dialytic) X X X
Antihypertensive medication history X X X X X
Dialysis Thirst Inventory X X X
Short Xerostomia Inventory X X X
Laboratory studies (NT-pro-BNP, hsCRP, urotensin II, plasma ╬│Na / osmolality) X X X X X
Assessment of tolerance to HD X X X X X X X
Arterial compliance (PWV) X X X
Arterial compliance (PWA) X X X X X
Quality of life (KDQOL) X X
Quality of life (EQ-5D) X X

Dunlop et al.

Dunlop et al. BMC Nephrology 2013 14:149   doi:10.1186/1471-2369-14-149

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