Figure 2.

Diffusion-adjusted regional blood flow model (parallel-cum-series representation of physiology) or explaining β2-microglobulin kinetics. Toxin transfer is due to diffusion across capillary endothelium, and blood/plasma circulation causes convective transport. Qh/Qhp, Ql/Qlp, and Qb/Qbp are blood/plasma flows to high flow region (HFR), low flow region (LFR), and dialyzer, respectively. Qcr and Qar are cardiopulmonary and access recirculation, respectively. Shaded compartments represent contact with blood (A – arterial node and V – venous node) [14].

Maheshwari et al. BMC Nephrology 2012 13:156   doi:10.1186/1471-2369-13-156
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