Figure 2.

Transaxial magnetic resonance images at the levels of mid-calf (top slice images) and mid-thigh (bottom slice images) of the subjects in the study. Bright/white signals in these images are highlighting adipose tissue within these anatomical sections. Dark signals represent either muscle tissue within sections or the background of the images. Subject GL2784 is a healthy 24 year old woman whose MRI showed no infiltrated fat into calf muscle, and only small amount of infiltration in the thigh. Subject GL2990 is a normal 50 year old woman who had somewhat increased subcutaneous (sc) fat in the calves and mid-thigh with slightly more infiltration of fat into the muscle compared to the images of subject GL2784. Subject GL0658 is a 49 year old FPLD3 patient (heterozygous for mutation PPARG F388L) whose scans show moderate loss of sc fat in both the calves and mid thigh and moderate levels of fat infiltration. Subject GL0096 is a 63 year old FPLD2 patient (heterozygous for mutation LMNA R482Q) whose scan shows total sc fat loss in the calves, major sc fat loss in the mid-thigh and marbled appearance of muscle tissue due to severe amounts of fat being stored within the muscle.

Al-Attar et al. BMC Medical Imaging 2006 6:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2342-6-11
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