Figure 2.

a-f: Computed Tomography of the cervical spine. Axial computed tomography (CT) images (a, b) and reconstructed images in the sagittal (c, d) and coronal (e, f) planes. Axial images at the level C5 show absent right cervical pedicle (arrowhead in a), spina bifida occulta (arrow in a) and dysplasia of the ipsilateral transverse process (double arrowhead in a) as well as reversed facet-joint (arrow in b). Images in the sagittal (c, d) and coronal (e, f) planes show degenerative changes at the level C4-5 (arrow in c) with formation of a bone cyst in C4 (arrow in e). The dorsal displacement of the articular pillar and reversal of the ipsilateral facet articulation (arrow in d) as well as hypoplasia of the pillar of the supra-adjacent (arrow in f) and hyperplasia of pillar of the infra-adjacent vertebra (arrowhead in f) are also well appreciated on the coronals.

Guggenberger et al. BMC Medical Imaging 2010 10:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2342-10-25
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