Figure 5.

Incidence of CIN 2/3 Detected Through Screening and Cervical Cancer Incidence Prior to Screening. Rates are per 100,000 women undergoing routine cytologic screening for CIN 2/3, and per 100,000 women for cervical cancer. The peak incidence of invasive cervical cancer is observed approximately 25–30 years later than for CIN 2/3. Sources: CIN 2/3 incidence among screened women (Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Plan, Portland, Oregon, 1998–2002) [73], Cervical cancer incidence among unscreened women (Connecticut, 1940–1944) [73].

Insinga et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2009 9:119   doi:10.1186/1471-2334-9-119
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