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Prevalence of urinary colonization by extended spectrum-beta-lactamase Enterobacteriaceae among catheterised inpatients in Italian long term care facilities

Luca Arnoldo*, Roberta Migliavacca, Laura Regattin, Annibale Raglio, Laura Pagani, Elisabetta Nucleo, Melissa Spalla, Francesca Vailati, Antonella Agodi, Adriana Mosca, Carla Zotti, Stefano Tardivo, Ines Bianco, Adele Rulli, Paola Gualdi, Pietro Panetta, Carlo Pasini, Mino Pedroni and Silvio Brusaferro

BMC Infectious Diseases 2013, 13:124  doi:10.1186/1471-2334-13-124

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