Table 1

Framework of questions used in Dignity Therapy

• Tell me a little about your life history; particularly the parts that you either remember most, or think are the most important? Another way of putting this, which may elicit answers from some residents, is to ask, when did you feel most alive?

• Are their particular things that you would want your family to know about you, and are their particular things you would want them to remember?

• What are the most important roles you have played in your life (family roles, vocational roles, community service roles, etc)? Why were they so important to you, and what do you think you accomplished within those roles?

• What are your most important accomplishments, and what do you feel most proud of?

• Are there particular things that you feel still need to be said to your loved ones, or things that you would want to take the time to say once again?

• What are your hopes and dreams for your loved ones?

• What have you learned about life that you would want to pass along to others? What advise or words of guidance would you wish to pass along to your [son, daughter, husband, wife, parents, other(s)]?

• Are their words or perhaps even instructions you would like to offer your family, in order to provide them with comfort or solace?

• In creating this permanent record, are their other things that you would like included?

Hall et al. BMC Geriatrics 2009 9:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2318-9-9

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