Table 3

Data collection pro-forma.

Brief history of the team's development

Organisational structure/structures they include

Team description

What is the professional mix/research skill mix of the team?

Who is the academic support?

- Which dept/university did they come from?

- What do they bring to the team?

- How much commitment did they show?

Protected time and arrangements for clinical duties to be covered by another person

Did the money buy protected time?

How was clinical cover arranged?


What type of training was utilised?

Have you got any sense of what was gained through the training?

How were the training needs identified?

How timely was the training given?

Did all members of the team utilise the training budget?

Who used it and how?

Was any outreach training done, if so, by whom and on what topic?

Mentoring and supervision

Who provided mentoring and supervision?

What was the role of the RDSU co-ordinator in this?


Did the team have a joint project/several projects on application?

Describe projects undertaken by the team.

What did each team member contribute to the project?

What evidence is there of project management?

Process indicators

How often did the team meet?

Who attended the meetings?

How were jobs delegated and how was this communicated between team members?

What level of commitment to complete allocated tasks was shown?

Who took the lead?

What is the nature of this leadership?

What personal qualities are evident in the leadership styles?

Close to practice

How relevant was this to primary care local and national context?

Were patients and the public involved?


What outcomes were agreed with the DRT?

Were they met? (Include – submissions, successful publications, conference presentations, fellowships, career developments)

Any innovations in dissemination?

Research culture

Was research valued/expected/enjoyed in the context of the working context of the team?

Was EBP evident?


Were any collaborations developed outside the DRT?

If so, how did these come about?

Networks – what sort of networking did the team undertake?

What were the spin offs from this networking?

Sustainability and continuity

What happened after DRT funding stopped?

How did the RDSU keep contact/keep motivation up?

How well are the team members engaged with other networks?

Does the DRT still function as a team?

Were there any surprises?

What was the input of the RDSU?

Cooke et al. BMC Family Practice 2008 9:37   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-9-37

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