Table 3

Linkages, collaborations and partnerships.

Structural level

Examples of suggested criteria


• Who they have worked with: to gain knowledge and to share knowledge

• Evidence of increased number of research partnerships

• Evidence of inter-professional working


• Who the team has worked with: academic and practice

• Network development (work with other teams)

• Evidence of inter-professional and other links


• Links with universities/RDSUs

• Evidence of joint posts with university

• Evidence of working with other service organisations on research

• Evidence of contribution/memberships to Networks

• Work with funding bodies

Supra-organisational (networks and support units)

• Joint posts hosted

• Evidence of research collaboration with practitioners, teams, networks and organisations in health care practice

• Development of links across networks

• International links

Cooke BMC Family Practice 2005 6:44   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-6-44

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