Table 2

Nurse treatment protocols for patients with upper respiratory symptoms
Signs of alarm Asthma or chronic pulmonary obstructive disease
Shortness of breath
Immunosuppressive therapy
Temperature >40°C
Fever for more than 3 days
Symptoms for more than 14 days
Abnormal lung auscultation
Pregnancy or lactation
Decompensated cardiac disease
Diabetes mellitus not well controlled
Recent hospitalization
Severe ear pain
Severe headache
Chest pain
Severe weakness
Treatment approach 1. In patients with runny nose, cough with sputum, fatigue and/or body aches, paracetamol 500/1,000 mg/day tid or qid, plus frequent fluid intake.
2. In patients with cough without sputum, dextrometorphan 15–30 mg tid or qid or codeine 10–20 mg every 4–5 hours (if patient does not take monoamino oxidase inhibitors).

Fabrellas et al.

Fabrellas et al. BMC Family Practice 2013 14:61   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-14-61

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