Table 2

Themes & sub-themes
Theme Sub-themes
Satisfaction with practice nurses: “they are first class” a) Being valued: “She listened to me and treated me like a person”
b) Developing relationships: “You build up a rapport with them”
Confidence with practice nurses: “she knows what she’s doing” a) Appreciating practice nurses’ knowledge: “They explain things and that sort of puts me at ease”
b) Appropriate referral : “I know she’d get the doctor”
Confusion with the practice nurse role: “when you say a practice nurse, I’m a little bit unsure what you mean”
Appreciation of Practice Nurse accessibility: “It makes it a lot easier for me” a) Being readily available "I don't have to wait around"
b) Affordable care: So easy on my funds

Halcomb et al.

Halcomb et al. BMC Family Practice 2013 14:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-14-26

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