Table 1

Planning of the APHRODITE intervention and content of the group-consultations
Time GP NP Group-consultation dietician
Baseline Admission
Baseline Admission
1 month Topics: nutrition components; calories and fat
1 month Topics: carbohydrates; sugar; sweeteners
2 months Consultation
3 months Follow-up
6 months Follow-up
9 months Follow-up
9 months Topic: exercise in relation to sugar metabolism
12 months Follow-up
15 months Follow-up
15 months Topics: food package labels; nutrition logo’s; fibres
18 months Follow-up
21 months Follow-up
21 months Topics: food packages; food game to recall information
24 months Follow-up
27 months Conclusion
30 months Conclusion

Vermunt et al.

Vermunt et al. BMC Family Practice 2012 13:79   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-13-79

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