Table 2

Summary of similarities and differences between men and women, divided by five overarching themes
Identity and disclosure as person living with diabetes Self-monitoring of blood glucose Diet struggles Utilization of diabetes resources Social support
Men Reluctant to disclose, kept diagnosis secret Self-experimentation with diet, exercise, insulin, medication Adherence in social settings, in context of lack of disclosure of diabetes Self-directed, independent resources Majority of support from spouse, especially diet changes
Women Open about identity, self-labeled as having diabetes Affective fears, anxieties about monitoring Difficulties with restriction, focus on ‘cheating’ on diet Socially interactive resources, classes and support groups Mixed sources, family, friends and children
Both Acceptance after adjustment period following diagnosis Emphasis on body cues that linked to blood glucose levels Frustration of adherence to dietary recommendations Made use of available resources, sought out resources Strong support from physicians, health care professionals

Mathew et al.

Mathew et al. BMC Family Practice 2012 13:122   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-13-122

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