Table 1

Community background
Community 1 Community 2 Community 3
Yearly Weather Conditionsa Temp (Summer): 5° to 20°C Temp (Summer): 18°C Temp (Summer): 19°C
Temp (Winter): 5° to -15°C Temp (Winter): 4°C Temp (Winter): 2°C
Precipitation:2500 mm Precipitation: 7559 mm Precipitation: 6284 mm
Snowfall: High levels in the winter months Snow: Rare Snow: Occasional snowfall in winter months
Travel Distance Time to Referral Centreb 452 km 203 km 298 km
6 h travel over land 5 h travel via car and ferry 7 h travel via car and ferry
Demographicsc Population: 135 Population: 1045 Population: 940
Catchment: 2897 Catchment: 3000 Catchment: 2500
50% Aboriginal 37% Aboriginal 37% Aboriginal

Source: Data adapted from webcite.


a“Temp” refers to the average seasonal temperature. “Precipitation” represents the annual average rainfall in the community.

bTravel time reflects the average length of time during optimal weather conditions that it takes to access the nearest designated labour and delivery service with caesarean section back-up.

c“Catchment” refers to the population living within one-hour travel time of the local hospital. This includes people who live in smaller, surrounding communities. “Aboriginal” people are the original peoples of Canada and include First Nations, Inuit, and Metis groups. We have included the percentage of Aboriginal people living in the one-hour catchment.

Kornelsen and Grzybowski

Kornelsen and Grzybowski BMC Family Practice 2012 13:108   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-13-108

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