Table 2

Topic areas, themes and sub-themes

Topic Area



Sample Quotes

General physical activity advice within the primary care setting

Pre-existing conditions and weight management

"I do try and encourage physical activity for a number of reasons: for stress management, for weight control, for blood pressure control" (GP 11)

Green Prescription counselling

GPs perceived benefits of the Green Prescription program

(i) A non-medication approach to a healthier lifestyle

"The great thing about it is that you are not stuffing some medicine into them" (GP 8)

(ii) The support benefits of physical activity

"I think that one of the big benefits would be that patients get much better exercise advice, and more prolonged support than they would get from a GP" (GP1)

GPs perceived barriers to Green Prescription use

(i) Time-constraints of the consultation

"Time! Because patients generally have quite complex problems, and multiple problems" (GP 7)

Administering Green Prescriptions

(I) Preventive purposes

"People who have a family history of diabetes, or who are hypertensive, or are starting to get obese. Pushing hard for them to exercise, you're going to prevent things from happening" (GP2)

(ii) Management purposes

"To treat conditions like diabetes, or to help people manage them" (GP 2)

Green Prescription counselling for the management of depression

Perceived physical benefits of increased physical activity

"I think there's nothing like getting out in fresh air and going for a little bit of a walk. Because you know it increases endorphins. You feel better" (GP 2)

Patel et al. BMC Family Practice 2011 12:119   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-12-119

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