Table 3

Reliability and validity studies of immunization, preventive screening and testing estimates
First author (year) Focus of research Research findings (confidence intervals)
Shenson (2005) Reliability and validity testing of immunization questions Test/retest agreement on vaccination questions was 73%; Self-reports had a sensitivity of .75 and specificity of .83 when compared against medical records.
Bradbury (2005) Test/ retest of colorectal cancer screening tests Variation in reliability estimates due in part to time period between test/retest:
k = .55-.69
Cronin (2009) Validity testing of mammography screening using registry rates and BRFSS rates Estimates of BRFSS over reporting of mammography:
16% women 40-49
25% women 70-79
Fahimi (2008) Validity testing of immunization questions from BRFSS, NHIS Influenza vaccine prevalence:
BRFSS (66.9-68.2)*
NHIS (63.2-66.0)*
Pneumonia vaccine prevalence:
BRFSS (62.7-64.1)*
NHIS (55.3-58.3)*

Pierannunzi et al.

Pierannunzi et al. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2013 13:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2288-13-49

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