Table 6

Cost estimates used in the decision analytic models. Costs in US dollars.


Model with all patients

Model in patients with APACHE II score >= 25


Drug costs * (drotrecogin alfa)



MUHC (Pharmacy department)

Bleeding episode costs



Manns et al [40]

Hospitalization costs (severe sepsis episode)



Manns et al. [40]

1-year costs (after hospital discharge)**



Manns et al. [40]

Year 2 costs**



Manns et al. [40]

Year 3 costs**



Manns et al. [40]

* Drug costs refer to acquisition costs of drotrecogin alfa and were therefore used only in this group. Other costs were assumed to be identical in both groups.

Costs from the article by Manns et al. [40] were converted to Canadian dollars according to the exchange rate used in the article (US$1 = CDN$1.47) and adjusted for inflation according to Bank of Canada rates.

** Costs with 3% discounting

This included direct health care costs for hospitalizations, emergency visits, day surgeries, and physicians' costs [40].

Costa and Brophy BMC Anesthesiology 2007 7:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2253-7-5

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