Figure 2.

Clustering of OsWRKY genes according to their expression profiles in the OsWRKYARRAY. The OsWRKYARRAY was constitued of 104 probesets representing all members of the rice WRKY gene family. The expression of the 104 OsWRKY genes was assessed upon inoculation with Magnaporthe oryzae isolate from rice (FR13), M. oryzae BR32 from wheat, M. grisea BR29 from crabgrass and upon application of osmotic stress (mannitol) in hydroponic conditions. Panel A T-test P-values (shown by a green - black gradient) of treated vs control of the corresponding ratios shown in Panel B. The range of log transformed P-values comprised values between 0.01 (green) and 1 (black). P-values lower than 0.01 were visualized as 0.01. Panel B log2(Treated/Control) ratio values (shown by a green - magenta gradient). Red boxes with capital letters from A to F highlight the presence of co-expressed WRKY gene clusters. A blue dot indicates a OsWRKY gene differentially-regulated in two different stress conditions; a yellow dot indicates a OsWRKY gene-differentially regulated only in one stress condition. See Table 1 for numeric values of differentially-regulated OsWRKY genes.

Berri et al. BMC Plant Biology 2009 9:120   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-9-120
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