Figure 3.

Detection of polymorphisms in Cm-eIF4E. Gel images from the IRD700 (A) and IRD800 (B) channels of LI-COR analyzer. Each lane displays the 400 bp amplified product on Intron4-F/Full-cDNA3'-R primer combination digested with endonulcease ENDO-I. Heteroduplexes were produced after melting and annealing PCR products with the DNA of the reference genotype (cultivar VĂ©drantais). A black arrow on the top left of each image indicates the position of homoduplex DNA. Arrows on the right of each panel indicate the molecular weight marker in bp. Cleaved products, indicated by boxes, correspond to sequence polymorphisms in exon 1. True polymorphisms should give rise to two complementary bands, one on each fluorescence channel.

Nieto et al. BMC Plant Biology 2007 7:34   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-7-34
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