Figure 3.

Proportion of radioactivity in fructose moiety of sucrose recovered from intracellular compartment of internode tissue. The proportion of 14C (left panel) and 3H (right panel) in the fructose moiety relative to the combined fructose and glucose moieties of sucrose recovered from the intracellular compartment of internode tissue. Tissue was sampled from unperturbed internode tissue of sorghum plants into which uniformly labelled 14C-sucrose and asymmetrically labelled (all of the label in the fructose moiety) 3H-sucrose had been simultaneously infused about 24 h before. The proportions are provided for tissue from axillary branches at or before anthesis and for mature ripening tissue from the main culm. The results for the main culm are from a previous study [1]. In each case, the results from two sorghum cultivars are combined. The reference line is at a proportion of 0.5, which was the proportion of the 14C-sucrose at the time of introduction into the plant. The error bars are 95% confidence intervals.

Tarpley and Vietor BMC Plant Biology 2007 7:33   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-7-33
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