Figure 5.

Monastrol, paclitaxel, and oryzalin severely reduce tip growth at first mitosis. (A) Embryonic growth over a 72 h period. Data are from one representative experiment sampling ten undivided zygotes for each treatment. Diamonds, 0.2% DMSO; triangles, 5 μM paclitaxel; squares, 3 μM oryzalin; circles, 50 μM monastrol. Standard error bars are shown. (B-E) Images of treated zygotes at 72 h AF. (B) 0.2% DMSO, (C) 50 μM monastrol (D) 5 μM paclitaxel, (E) 3 μM oryzalin. Scale bar equals 100 μm.

Peters and Kropf BMC Plant Biology 2006 6:19   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-6-19
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