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Cladogram of LcUCP1 and UCPs from other plant species. The cladogram was constructed with the neighbor-joining method using MEGA software with default settings. Numbers at the nodes indicate bootstrap values. A scale of distance was shown at the bottom. The deduced amino acid sequences of plant UCPs were obtained from the following sources, with their GenBank accession numbers enclosed in parentheses: Arabidopsis thaliana, AtUCP1 (NP_190979.1), AtUCP2 (NM_125287.4), and AtUCP5 (NP_179836.1); Solanum tuberosum, StUCP (CAA72107.1); Glycine max, GmUCP3 (XP_003516932.1); Medicago truncatula, MtUCP (AES86982.1); Symplocarpus renifolius, SrUCP (BAI49702.1); Zea mays, ZmUCP3 (NP_001182792.1); Oryza sativa, OsUCp (BAB40658.1); Triticum aestivum, TaUCP (BAB16385.1); and Ricinus communis, RcUCP (XM_002520396.1).

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Wang et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:55   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-55