Figure 1.

Purification of the recombinant protein. Panel A shows the Coomassie Blue-stained gel, with increasing amounts of the purified recombinant (lanes 3, 5 and 7) and control (lanes 2, 4 and 6) protein, from left to right. Lane 1, protein molecular weight markers (Invitrogen SeeBlue 2 markers). Lanes 2 and 3, 0.195 ng; lanes 4 and 5, 0.39 ng; lanes 6 and 7, 0.585 ng. Panel B shows a western blot of the purified protein using antibody against the Arabidopsis Twinkle homologue. Lane 1 contains molecular weight markers (Invitrogen Magic Markers). Lane 2, control protein; lane 3, 0.5 ng purified recombinant protein. The arrow at the right indicates 80 kDa, the length of the full-length Arabidopsis gene product. The recombinant protein is slightly smaller (~74 kDa) as it lacks the N-terminal localization sequence.

Diray-Arce et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:36   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-36
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