Table 3

Distribution of family relationship among genotype pairs, classified within and between structure subgroups
Structure level Level Related pairs (HS, FS, PO) r2
Ks = 3 Intra-Clusters 47% 0.11
Inter-Clusters 1% 0.02
Intra-Admixed 24% 0.05
Inter Cluster/Admixed 28% 0.04
Ks = 5 Intra-Clusters 39% 0.14
Inter-Clusters 1% 0.03
Intra-Admixed 27% 0.04
Inter Cluster/Admixed 33% 0.04
Kw = 12 Intra-Clusters 63% 0.14
Inter-Clusters 37% 0.04

Note: For each couple, if both genotypes belonged to the same K group, or to the admixed group, the couple was assigned to the Intra-Clusters or the Intra-Admixed classes, respectively; similarly, a couple was assigned to the Inter-clusters and Inter Cluster/Admixed classes if they belong to different Ks or if one belong to one K and the other is “admixed”, respectively.

Ward’s clustering does not identify the “admixed” class.

Bacilieri et al.

Bacilieri et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-25

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