Figure 3.

Yeast Two-Hybrid Assay of Interaction between GmGBP1 and GmGAMYB1. (A) Phylogenetic relationships between GmGAMYB1 (HM447241) and GAMYB homologs (AtMYB33, NM_180448; AtMYB65, NM_111977; AtMYB101, NM_128805.3) in Arabidopsis using the neighbor-joining method with the program MEGA 5.05. (B) Multiple alignment of the amino acid sequences in domain and motify of GmGAMYB1, AtMYB33, AtMYB65 and AtMYB101. (C) The growth of Yeast YRG-2 cells cotransformated by pBD-GmGBP1a with pAD-GmGAMYB1, pAD-GmGAMYB1a (amino acids 1–141) or pAD-GmGAMYB1b (amino acids 142–538) on synthetic minimal (SD) medium lack of Trp and Leu (SD/-TL) or Trp, Leu and His (SD/-TLH). (D) The growth of Yeast YRG-2 cells cotransformated by pBD-GmGBP1b with pAD-GmGAMYB1, pAD-GmGAMYB1a or pAD-GmGAMYB1b on SD/-TL and SD/-TLH, and the X-Gal assay for the transformations.

Zhang et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-21
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