Figure 1.

Amino acid sequence alignment of AtCuAO1, AtCuAO2 and AtCuAO3 with other plant CuAOs. Organism symbols (GenBank accession numbers): AtCuAO1 (NM_104959), AtCuAO2 (NM_102906), AtCuAO3 (AY120717) and ATAO1 (NM_117580), Arabidopsis thaliana CuAOs; PsCuAO (L39931), Pissum sativum CuAO. Identical residues are marked with asterisks. Conserved and semi-conserved substitutions are denoted by ‘:’ and ‘.’, respectively. The 33 residues totally conserved in most of the CuAOs are indicated by grey boxes. The residues not conserved in the A. thaliana CuAOs are inversely highlighted. The copper binding histidine residues and the tyrosine modified to TPQ are marked with $ and @, respectivelly. The aspartic acid active site base is indicated by #. The peroxisomal targeting signal of AtCuAO3 is underlined. The analysis was accomplished using the ClustalW sequence alignment.

Planas-Portell et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:109   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-109
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