Table 1

Genes used in this study (* = translation manually corrected; ** = contig not covering the full coding sequence, first part of the protein is missing)
Species Gene name  Gene ID Protein ID
Arabidopsis thaliana AtPRR1/TOC1 AT5G61380 AT5G61380
AtPRR3 AT5G60100 AT5G60100
AtPRR7 AT5G02810 AT5G02810
AtPRR5 AT5G24470 AT5G24470
AtPRR9 AT2G46790 AT2G46790
AtGI AT1G22770 AT1G22770
AtCCA1 AT2G46830 AT2G46830
AtLHY AT1G01060 AT1G01060
Oryza sativa OsPRR1/TOC1 LOC_Os02g40510 LOC_Os02g40510
OsPRR37 LOC_Os07g49460 LOC_Os07g49460
OsPRR73 LOC_Os03g17570 LOC_Os03g17570
OsPRR59 LOC_Os11g05930 LOC_Os11g05930
OsPRR95 LOC_Os09g36220 LOC_Os09g36220
OsGI NM_001048755 Os01g0182600
OsCCA1 Os08g0157600 NP_001061032
Sorghum bicolor SbPRR1/TOC1 Sb04g026190 Sb04g026190
SbPRR37 Sb06g014570 Sb06g014570
SbPRR73 Sb01g038820 Sb01g038820
SbPRR59 Sb05g003660 Sb05g003660
SbPRR95 Sb02g030870 Sb02g030870
SbGI Sb03g003650 Sb03g003650
SbCCA1 XM_002443845 XP_002443890*
Zea mays ZmPRR1/TOC1 NM_001154351 NP_001147823
ZmPRR37 LOC100280240 NP001146641
ZmPRR73 EU952116 ACG24234
ZmPRR59 GRMZM2G135446 GRMZM2G135446
ZmPRR95 NM_001158064 NP_001151536
ZmGI BK006299 DAA06172
ZmCCA1 LOC100192868 NP_001131529
Triticum aestivum TaPRR1/TOC1 AK333193 in silico
TaPRR37 DQ885766 ABL09477
TaPRR73 Contig built from the following TC: G118.111D24F010720, TC37276, TC376302, TC377674, TC391788, TC392931, TC400719, TC418129, TC434756 in silico
TaPRR59 Contig built from the following TC: BJ298369, G608.119D1, TC376876, TC393119, TC399029, TC411244, TaE05039B10R, WHE2989, wr1.pk0105.g4 in silico**
TaPRR95 Contig built from the following TC: FGAS012265, TC373568, TC436795 in silico
TaGI AF543844 AAQ11738
TaCCA1 HQ222606 ADW09013*
Hordeum vulgare HvPRR1/TOC1 JN603243
HvPRR37 AY970701 AAY42109
HvPRR73 AK376549 BAK07744
HvPRR59 AK361360 BAJ92567
HvPRR95 AK252005 in silico
HvGI AY740524 AAW66946
HvCCA1 JN603242
Brachypodium BdPRR1/TOC1 Bradi3g48880 Bradi3g48880
BdPRR37 Bradi1g16490 Bradi1g16490
BdPRR73 Bradi1g65910 Bradi1g65910
BdPRR59 Bradi4g24970 Bradi4g24970
BdPRR95 Bradi4g36077 Bradi4g36077
BdGI Bradi2g05230 Bradi2g05230*
BdCCA1 Bradi3g16510 Bradi3g16510*

Campoli et al.

Campoli et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:97   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-97

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