Figure 3.

Structure of the 621-bp MITE and its family. (A) Basic structure of the 621-bp MITE and elements in the Monkey King family. The consensus sequences of the TIRs and TSDs are shown. The length and content of the core AT-rich sequence varied among homologs of Monkey King. The numbers marked in the frame of core sequences represent the length (without TAAs and TSDs) of Monkey King upstream of BnFLC.A10 and its homologs in the B. rapa genome. W=(A/T), Y=(C/T), M=(A/C), R=(A/G), and S=(C/G). (B) Flanking sequence of Monkey King at the 5’ upstream end of BnFLC.A10-T and the corresponding Related Empty Sites (RESites) in B.rapa. (C) Three replicates of the GACTGGTT motif scattered near the 5’ end region of Monkey King. The sequence of Monkey King is shown, with dots representing omitted portions. TSDs are underlined and TIRs are marked with arrows. GACTGGTT motifs are framed in red; all of the three duplications are located near the 5’ end region.

Hou et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:238   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-238
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