Figure 5.

Histological analysis of wild type and mutant pollen. Cross-sections of anthers of different developmental stages. Toluidine blue-stained cross-sections of anthers from wild type (A,C,E,G,I) and p5cs1 p5cs2/P5CS2 (B,D,F,H,J) from stage 9 to 13 are shown. The first clear differences between p5cs1 p5cs2/P5CS2 and wild type anthers appear from stage 11 (E,F), when two populations of pollen grains can be distinguished in the pollen sacs. Bar = 100 μm. (K-N) Details at higher magnification of anthers from wild type (K,L) and p5cs1 p5cs2/P5CS2 (M,N), relative to stage 10 (K,M) and 11 (L,N), respectively. Small misshaped pollen grains are clearly visible from stage 11 (E). No significant alterations, compared to wild type, are seen in anthers from p5cs1 p5cs2/P5CS2 before stage 11. Bar = 25 μm.

Mattioli et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:236   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-236
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