Figure 5.

Only the reduction of both bop1 and bop2 expression affects resistance triggered by MeJA. (a) The double bop1 bop2, the single mutants, T-DNAs insertions in KNAT6 and PAN1, and their controls were tested for resistance induced by MeJA as described in Figure 1. KNAT6 and PAN1 are genes that interact with BOP1 and BOP2. (b) Reduction of BOP1 and BOP2 expression partially phenocopies the double bop1 bop2. Eight independent transgenic lines of an artificial micro RNA designed to reduce the levels of BOP1 and BOP2 (amiRNA(BOP1-BOP2) were tested as described in Figure 1. The lines did not show any macroscopic blade-on-petiole phenotype. (c) RNA was extracted from 3-week-old plants of the lines described in (b), and transcript levels for BOP1 and BOP2 were measured by means of RT-qPCR. Levels of expression are normalized to three reference genes and to the level of Col-0 in mock. Asterisks mark the significance of the difference between the levels of expression of each line with Col-0; one asterisk means a significant difference with P<0.05, and two asterisks means P<0.01 (Student’s test of one tail).

Canet et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:199   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-199
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