Figure 5.

Impact of recombinant CCII and CCII-expressing potato lines on growth and infection capacity of Botrytis cinerea. A. Fungal growth in potato dextrose broth, in the presence or absence of purified CCII [20]. Optical density of the fungal culture at 492 nm was used as an indicator of biomass production [53]. Datapoints are the mean of three independent (biological replicate) values ± SE. B. Typical disease symptoms observed on B. cinerea-inoculated plants of line 10.4 and control line K, 12 days post-infection. C. Relative disease symptom scores after 12 days for line 9.4, line 10.4 and control line K plants inoculated with B. cinerea conidia. Data are expressed as relative cumulative symptom scores, compared to line K (100%) (see Methods).

Munger et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:198   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-198
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