Figure 5.

Recombinant PgD5 possesses antifungal activity. (A-C) Dose–response growth inhibition assay. Growth inhibition of V. dahliae (A), B. cinerea (B) and F. oxysporum (C) in the presence of indicated concentrations of recombinant PgD5 was determined by microspectrophotometric readings taken every 24 hours at A595 and compared to the untreated fungal controls. The data is represented as the percentage of fungal growth as compared to the untreated control reactions without peptide. The experiment was repeated three times and the standard deviation for each reaction was less than 5%. Growth inhibition was determined after 48 hours of growth for F. oxysporum and B. cinerea and after 72 hours for V. dahliae. (D). Effect of purified recombinant PgD5 on mycelial growth of R. solani: disk C, sterile distilled water; disks 1 and 2 correspond to 3 and 6 μg of recombinant PgD5, respectively. The arrows indicate zones of growth inhibition.

Picart et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:180   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-180
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