Figure 3.

Vegetative phenotypes associated with steroid-induced constitutive activation of FIL. (A,B) A 35Spro::FIL:GR plant grown on media without DEX (A) or with DEX (B). Inset shows close-up view of an epinastic leaf. (C) 35Spro::FIL plants displaying an intermediate phenotype. (D-F) Scanning electron micrographs showing the adaxial (D, F) or abaxial (E) surface of mature leaves of 35Spro::FIL:GR plants grown on media without DEX (D,E) or with DEX (F). (G,H) Histochemical staining for YAB3:GUS activity in yab3-2/35Spro::FIL:GR plants grown in the absence of DEX (G) or with DEX (H). Arrows indicate prolonged GUS activity in the first true leaves to emerge following germination. (I) Section through a histochemically stained leaf shown in (H) viewed by dark field optics. Arrowheads indicate adaxial accumulation of GUS activity. (J-L) Twenty one day-old fil yab3 yab5 (abbreviated as fy3y5) triple mutants (J) and fy3y5/35Spro::FIL:GR (K,L) lines grown on media with DEX (J, L) or without DEX (K) under short days. Scale bar: 1 mm in (A-C,G,H, J-L), 100 μm in (D-F, I).

Bonaccorso et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:176   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-176
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