Figure 4.

Ectopic expression of NaLHY and NaZTL in A. thaliana. Arabidopsis transgenic plants harboring 35S:NaLHY and 35S:NaZTL constructs are shown at seedling (A, B) and flowering (C) stages. Mean (± SE) values of hypocotyl lengths in wild-type Col-0 (n = 11), 35S:NaLHY-2 (n = 12), 35S:NaLHY-3 (n = 11), 35S:NaZTL-1 (n = 13), and 35S:NaZTL-2 (n = 13). Different letters (a and b) reflect significant differences among the lines (P < 0.05, one-way ANOVA with Fisher’s post hoc test). (C) The percentage of flowering plants and number of rosette leaves of Col-0 (n = 16), 35S:NaLHY-2 (n = 32), 35S:NaLHY-3 (n = 31), and 35S:NaZTL-1 (n = 32), 35S:NaZTL-2 (n = 30) when inflorescence elongation started.

Yon et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:172   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-172
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