Figure 4.

The deposition of callose (diagrams) and silica (fluorescent images) in the differentiation of stomata in E. arvense. a. Callose (yellow) and silica (arrow) deposition at the nascent ventral wall (VW) of post-cytokinetic guard cells; b. Deposition of callose (yellow) and silica (arrows) in the periclinal wall and dorsal wall (DW) and callose/silica remaining in the ventral wall; c. Callose (yellow) and silica (arrow) disappear from the centre of the ventral wall during pore initiation; d. Callose (yellow) and silica (arrows) appears as a radial fibrillar array as the stomatal pore is formed; e. Upon stomatal pore formation callose (yellow) and silica (arrows) remain as punctate deposits upon the guard cell walls. All stomata are ca 40 μm in diameter. Information on deposition of callose taken from [19-21].

Law and Exley BMC Plant Biology 2011 11:112   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-11-112
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