Figure 6.

Major classes of promoter cis-elements among the co-expressed gene clusters at phase-1. Total enrichment score represents the sum of the % occurrences of all motif species that belong to the same broad category based on significant matches with known elements in promoter databases. Only the motif classes with occurrence of ≥50% in a given cluster were included in this analysis. The number of motif species for each class is also indicated for all clusters. The % of genes that were also induced by exogenous H2O2 (H) is given for each cluster. Consensus chilling-induced expression profiles based on the results of K-mean clustering are shown by the binary heat map on top of each graph. a = GCC-box/JAre-like (ERF), b = DRE/DRT/rav1-like (ERF), c = ABRE-like (bZIP), d = as1/ocs/TGA-like (bZIP), e = Myb2 box-like (R2R3-MYB), f = GARE/pyrimidine box-like (R1-MYB), g = W-box-like (WRKY), h = Myc2 box-like (bHLH).

Yun et al. BMC Plant Biology 2010 10:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-10-16
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