Figure 11.

Differential expression of chilling induced genes in Nipponbare (less sensitive) and INAP12 (more sensitive). Transcript levels were compared by quantitative real time PCR. Cultivars can be distinguished by the relative speed of gene induction. In general, induction occurs earlier and was more robust in Nipponbare (green) than INIAP12 (blue). Expression analysis was based on the average of three replicates normalized against a constitutively expressed actin gene. a = Os08g43090 (RF2b-like protein); b = Os06g41100 (TGA10); c = Os08g38020 (AtbZIP148-like protein); d = Os08g43210 (DREB1B/CBF1); e = Os09g35020 (DREB1D/CBF4); f = Os02g41510 (OsMyb4); g = Os06g13460 (jasmonate-induced O-methyltransferase); h = Os10g36270 (NBS-LRR protein); i = Os02g43790 (ethylene responsive protein); j = Os05g14260 (peroxidase-29).

Yun et al. BMC Plant Biology 2010 10:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-10-16
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