Figure 2.

Effect of NACA and NAC on DOX-induced toxicity in H9c2 cells. Cells were treated with NACA or NACA at 750 μM for 2 h followed by exposure to freshly prepared cell culture medium with both DOX and NACA or NAC at designated concentrations for 24, 48, or 72 h. The concentrations of DOX were 0.25 μM, 0.75 μM, 2 μM, 5 μM, 20 μM, and 100 μM. Values are mean ± SD from three independent experiments performed in quadruplicate. Significance indicated by: αp < 0.05 compared between DOX only and NACA + DOX; βp < 0.05 compared between DOX only and NAC + DOX.

Shi et al. BMC Pharmacology 2009 9:7   doi:10.1186/1471-2210-9-7
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