Figure 4.

Methoxylated stilbenes, desoxyrhapontigenin and resveratrol-trimethyether, demonstrated modest anti-tumor activity in vivo. (A) Upper right, cartoon of normal germ cell proliferation and differentiation in gld-1(+) animals. Below, cartoon of aberrant germline tumors formed in gld-1(q485) animals. In tumor-containing glp-1(q485) adults, DAPI staining allows visualization and quantification of germline tumors as the fluorescent area filling the body. (B) Mean germline tumor size (area ± SEM) relative to control in glp-1(q485) adults treated with 100 μM doses of indicated stilbenes or FUDR. Results are average from at least 3 independent experiments. In each experiment, tumor area was determined for 12–47 individuals per compound (average ± SD = 23.1 ± 10.12 animals). Significance was judged in paired t-test (2-tailed); * p < 0.05 versus untreated.

Wilson et al. BMC Pharmacology 2008 8:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2210-8-15
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