Figure 2.

Electron micrographs of different MV cells in the MOE of wild type mice. A Apices of cells in the MOE. Thick arrow: ciliated ORN, thin arrows: different types of MV cells. B TrpM5a MV cell with "stiff" microvilli. nu-mv – nucleus of MV cell; nu-sc – nucleus of supporting cell (SC). C Higher magnification of apex of TrpM5a MV cell in B. tw: The terminal web does not continue in the TrpM5a MV cell (arrows). (*)"spine"; ci – ciliated ORN. D TrpM5b MV cell. ci – ciliated ORN; nu-mv – nucleus of MV cell. E Higher magnification of cell apex in D. F Higher magnification of basal part of TrpM5b MV cell. Small protrusions interdigitate with other cells (arrowheads). G A non-TrpM5 MV cell with a tapering basal part. nu-sc – nucleus of SC. H Higher magnification of a non-TrpM5 MV cell. Arrow – centriole with rootlet; ci – ciliated ORN.

Hansen and Finger BMC Neuroscience 2008 9:115   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-9-115
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